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Again, being of a pioneering nature, I saw the need in the market for a product to solve the problem of cooking, hot water and heating on a live-a-board boat. I sold numerous Heritages onto boats... soon many Vintages will find their water legs!

...Prior to my arrival onto the market, the boat fraternity had very limited options for cooking, hot water and heating. There were only unattractive solutions, burning LPG or burning very inefficiently, diesel, requiring frequent and expensive maintenance, not what you want to install on your dreamboat. A Vintage, running very frugally on the same fuel as used by your engine will make for a "Gas-free" boat and you have a single attractive Range providing cooking, hot water and heating. Should you not wish to make the full investment in a cooker, we can supply as a free-standing unit our extremely high efficiency boiler for installation in your engine room... with a foot-print of 600mm x 400mm x 750mm height... price on request Vintages are always delivered in one piece, but if required can be site assembled by our own team (at extra cost)

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TECHNICAL SUPPORT: enamel rangehotplates, oven